Alolola is an elegant and sustainable fashion brand, with clothes made in small workshops in Madrid with eco-friendly raw materials.

  • Elegant and sustainable fashion
  • High-quality, eco-friendly fabrics
  • Local and socially-aware production in Madrid
  • Limited edition with artisan finishes
  • Timeless designs for all women and all sizes

Lola is a lawyer and for her work, she always has to look elegant. However, particularly in Spain, she found it hard to find sustainable clothing to wear to the office or for special occasions. With her family having worked in the textile industry, it didn’t take her long to think about setting up her own brand of sustainable clothing that would be suitable for every facet of the modern woman. On the way, she met Alicia, also a lawyer, and Gonzalo, an architect. They both thought it was a very good idea and decided to get involved in the project.From the very beginning, they knew that they wanted to stay away from decentralisation, as it didn’t seem very sustainable to have to travel to the other side of the world to make a piece of clothing. After a period of research, they discovered some eco-friendly and biodegradable fabrics of exquisite quality and feel. They searched for workshops in Madrid, the city where they currently live. They’re small workshops that produce very careful, artisanal finishes. One of them also offers a training programme for women at risk of social exclusion. Garments at Alolola have a timeless and classic style, and are designed to be used for many years by women of all sizes and ages. They are proof that luxury and functionality can combine seamlessly with ethics and sustainability.

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