Art and Seams

art and seams sustainable fashion brand

Art and Seams is an eco-friendly, social and kilometre zero fashion brand that is looking to make a positive impact in all areas of life.

  • All products are made in local workshops in Vallés
  • The materials are natural, eco-friendly and vegan
  • Limited edition, almost unique fashion products
  • Timeless and sustainable fashion for all sizes and people
  • A social fashion project that is continuously growing

Everything counts, absolutely everything. This is the idea behind Art and Seams, a sustainable fashion brand with a strong commitment to the environment and people. Núria is behind the slow fashion brand, and you need to get to know her to be able to understand her ethical brand’s story.

Núria is a social educator, a profession she loves and which has been her calling since she was very young. However, she has always had a certain inclination towards sewing, perhaps because her grandmother is a seamstress and was also her first teacher in the art of needlework. One day, a few years ago, she asked her grandmother to teach her to sew properly, and following her refusal, she decided to learn by herself and completed an advanced vocational qualification in fashion. She loved it.

Some time after she finished her studies, Art and Seams was born: a fashion brand that is social, sustainable and much more. For Núria, sustainability is synonymous with responsibility, one element that encompasses all areas of life.

Her garments are made in Vallés in a social and labour inclusion workshop in Terrassa and a workshop in Sabadell. She only uses natural, vegan and certified eco-friendly fabrics. Plus, she prioritises handicraft when she can, for example by using wooden buttons handmade by her father.

What’s more, Art and Seams defends diversity. Her garments are produced in all sizes so they can be used by all men and women. The models she uses, the ways of communicating… everything aims to reflect a philosophy where responsibility and coherence are of utmost importance.

Far from fleeting and perishable trends, she creates timeless garments in very limited editions, made in a responsible and coherent way to be used and enjoyed for many years.

Núria defends the sentimental value of objects, and conscious and worthwhile buying in contrast to impulsive and uncontrolled consumption. The perfect garment is one made for the person who is going to wear it, which expresses who they are and the world they desire.

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