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Calzefratelli is the first brand of classic 100% cotton socks with a pixel art design that helps you match the pair.

  • 100% long staple cotton fibre
  • They’re classic and elegant, but they don’t get lost
  • Locally made in a workshop in Barcelona
  • Italian designer and machinery
  • Genuine analogue pixel art to make your ankles stand out

Calzefratelli could be described as one perfectionist’s crazy idea to put an end to the problem of pairing up monochrome socks once and for all. However, that would be an understatement. Antonio Caparrelli, the founder of Calzefratelli, seeks to do much more than simply get rid of this never-ending problem of matching up socks, as his mission is to reinvent the quintessential sock, in other words his favourite of all socks: the classic Italian sock (calze). This is a sock characterised by its cotton of the highest quality, with long and durable fibres so that it can fit to the foot and skin in a comfortable and elegant way. To do this, several years of research were necessary, as well as trips around the north of Italy, the birthplace of this renowned product. There, visits were paid to machinery and spinner manufacturers and historic factories in the world of Italian socks. During the process, he learnt to distinguish between dozens of types of cotton and to work the machines that have produced more socks than any others in the world. However, without a doubt the most difficult and surprising learning curve was discovering that such a simple idea as putting a design on a 100% cotton sock was something completely new, innovative and complicated. After visiting a number of factories in Italy and Spain, it was in Barcelona that he found the perfect machine and equipment to invest the many hours of research that were necessary to develop his idea. The result is a soft and durable sock of a much higher quality than others on the market, with a pixel art design that helps you match the pair. However, Calzefratelli’s philosophy is of constant improvement, and that’s why they are already researching new designs and natural fibres to continue to surprise us.

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