debosc handmade wooden objetcs

Debosc is a family brand of minimalist and functional wood products, designed to make daily life more comfortable.

  • Debosc is a true family business, founded by a father, a mother and two daughters
  • Wood products locally made to last
  • Minimalist, practical and functional designs in wood
  • Perfect finishes and great design
  • Local and ethical production

Debosc work meetings take place over dinner. There, they decide which ideas for new products will go ahead or if improvements need to be made to current products.

Debosc is a true family business in more ways than one. Bosch is the surname of the father (in old Catalan, this meant ‘wood’), and Roure is the mother’s surname (the Catalan word for ‘oak tree’). Plus, as if chance and coincidence weren’t already enough, they live in Anglès (Girona), a village in the Selva (meaning ‘forest’) region.

Everything began when Lluís, the father, a salesman for a timber company, had the idea of embarking on a project that would use wood, the material he knows so well, to provide a simple and attractive solution for people’s everyday problems.

He began to sketch and one day, he took up some tools and designed his first product. His wife and daughters were very excited when they saw it and soon, the garage became a workshop.

Teia, the mother, is the handywoman and problem solver who is also in charge of sewing, packaging and adding the final touches to the products. Raquel, the younger daughter, is responsible for the image and artistic direction of the brand, and together with Eva, the older daughter, they run the social media and website.

The materials and production take place between the workshop and different companies in the region.

All Debosc’s products must have a use, and must be discussed and approved unanimously during work meetings.

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