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Irema Slow Fashion is a sustainable fashion brand that is very aware of the impact of their garments on the planet. They are made in an ethical and transparent way between Barcelona and Madrid.

  • Natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable fabrics
  • Zero Zero Waste Philosophy: They reuse and make the most of all the materials
  • Transparency and ethical production
  • Limited edition clothes
  • Local production

Verónica was born into a family of seamstresses and artists where designing, creating, reusing, mending and transforming garments were everyday activities. In her house, there was always a sewing machine, which she learnt to use when she was just a young girl.

Nobody was surprised that she ended up studying fine arts. Afterwards, she did a PhD and taught university classes for a number of years. Throughout this whole period, she continued to make her own clothes and did various courses in patternmaking and design, until one day she began to consider the idea of creating her own sustainable fashion brand.

As she had many fabrics and cuttings saved up, she began to make bags using the upcycling method, or in other words, reusing and making the most of every last millimetre of fabrics from different places to transform them into new and useful products.

Next, she opened her own workshop with women at risk of social exclusion. However, just as she was about to launch her first clothing line, she had to go to Switzerland for family reasons. Far from losing heart, she took her fabrics and machines with her and continued with Irema Slow Fashion.

Production takes place in Spain in workshops with women seamstresses and patternmakers. Every last millimetre of the fabrics is used and they are eco-friendly or sustainable.

She creates the design, pattern and prototype herself. In fact, she’s always doing research: about new materials, how to make the most of fabrics and limit waste, about the dyes used…

Verónica always has her eyes peeled. She loves to look at the people she sees in the street, at how they’re dressed. Her studio is full of clippings and photos that end up as new designs.

At Irema Slow Fashion, creativity and sustainability always go hand in hand.

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