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Marta spends her days thinking up and creating drawings, lamps and other objects in her small workshop in Guinardó, the neighbourhood with the best views in Barcelona.

  • She makes every piece by hand
  • She creates the drawings herself with silk-screen printing and paint brushes
  • She uses local materials
  • She makes use of every last centimetre of material to make cards and bookmarks
  • Zero Waste Philosphy: The plastic in her deliveries is reused

One day she saw the light: it moved across one of her watercolour paintings and she thought this made it look great. Soon after, a friend said that she would give her a lamp base if she could do something with it.

Marta saw it as a sign, and almost by intuition, she got the paper and watercolours and set to work painting and improvising. That’s how LuzdePapel was born. With time, she switched paper for material specifically used for screens, which was more durable and had a better finish.

She has more ideas than hands, and that’s why she decided to create her own handmade brand to be free to make the most of her creativity in her own way. She sleeps with one eye open beside a notebook that she leaves next to her bed so she can write down all the ideas for new designs, textures and colours for lamps and creations that appear in her dreams. Yes, she finds it hard to disconnect.

She’s an idealist and believes in the power of individuals: everyone has huge power to have positive knock-on effects on their surroundings. That’s why she chooses local suppliers and non-harmful materials.

A normal day begins with a coffee, then the management office, then the workshop where time passes more quickly than she’d like. Of course, that’s because time flies when we’re doing things we love.

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