Mammisi is an artisan and sustainable fashion brand that combines traditional embroidery from Paraguay with natural, eco-friendly fabrics.

  • They use natural, eco-friendly and fair trade cotton (GOTS certified)
  • The sustainable and organic clothes are made by hand in a small workshop in Madrid
  • The artisan embroidery was carried out by hand by women’s cooperatives in Paraguay
  • They have a strong commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship
  • They don’t follow trends, their garments have a great deal of personality and identity

Diana was born and raised in Paraguay, surrounded by nature and amongst enormous cotton fields. Ever since she was little, she has known that she wanted to be a part of the weaving tradition in her country and went to Buenos Aires to study fashion design. Rubén was born in Madrid, the son of a dressmaker, and has a strong connection with creativity and an entrepreneurial nature.

Mammisi’s story began the moment that Diana and Rubén met at the Temple of Debod, one of the most magical places in Madrid. Of course, at that moment, neither of them knew that.

Years later, when they were preparing to undertake a creative project together, they decided that it should reflect their way of thinking and beliefs just as much as that first moment that sparked it all. Mammisi is the name of the temples where goddesses were born in Ancient Egypt, and also the name of a brand that considers nature to be its highest deity.

From the very beginning, they knew that all the fabrics for their designs had to be natural and eco-friendly, and their garments mostly use organic cotton.

What’s more, they wanted to pay homage to the weaving tradition in Paraguay and as a result, help it to continue into the future. All their designs incorporate Ñandutí, embroidery carried out by hand with a taboret by women’s cooperatives in Itaguá.

Far removed from the trends, each little piece of their garments has a story. They are made by hand, one by one, in a small workshop in Madrid.

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