Miu Sutin

Miu Sution Slow fashion fair trade brand

Miu Sutin is an eco-friendly, sustainable and fair trade clothing brand. The clothes are made in local workshops in Barcelona, with the majority being labour inclusion workshops.

  • Most of the garments are made in social workshops
  • The fabrics are 100% eco-friendly, natural and biodegradable
  • All the production uses the kilometre zero principle, and is designed and made in Barcelona
  • It uses natural or artificial dyes that are non-toxic and 100% plant-based
  • The clothes are limited edition to limit waste and everyone dressing the same

After many years working in a fast fashion corporation, Noelia Montero decided that she could no longer follow the rules and would try a different approach: creating something that would have a positive impact every step of the way. That’s how Miu Sutin was born.

The first and most important thing she decided to change was the relationship with and selection criteria for suppliers. She no longer looked for the most competitive prices, but the supplier which would guarantee a decent working environment and which would use raw materials and processes that were respectful of the environment.

That’s how she began a constant and tireless search, that she now knows will never come to an end. Luckily, the sustainable fashion sector is not so competitive, but collaborative and committed.

Her favourite part is still designing the garments. Noelia finds inspiration everywhere, especially in the seventies, but the world is full of incredible colours, textures, materials and shapes that go far beyond the market trends.

When it comes to creating her collections, she takes everything into account, from the moment the raw materials are made until long after the the final product is sold. Everything has an impact, and reducing this is an arduous and meticulous task where you must question yourself and evaluate every detail: fabrics, dyes, designs, waste, the finished product, working conditions for employees, and much more.

After a few hours in her studio, she showed me some old lace edging that was brought to her from France, and which sometimes, almost without warning, appears as a special detail on one of her garments.

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