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Morucha Cucamona is a brand of textile products that are full of depth and respect for the planet, its people and well-made products. A tribute to craftsmanship, know-how, tradition and honest work from Mallorca.

As a little girl, Isabel dreamed of being older so she could do what she wanted. And although she ended up studying for a degree with many opportunities to work as soon as possible, in some way, she always kept her free spirit.

One day, she decided to leave Madrid to go and work in Mallorca, and she never left the island.

Everything changed again with her first pregnancy and the revolution of motherhood. She couldn’t work for 8 hours a day and 4 months wasn’t long enough to then have to part from her daughter.

For her second pregnancy, she asked for a year’s leave.

Little by little, whilst she was enjoying time with her daughters, her entrepreneurial spirit returned. She began various projects that led to the rediscovery that changed her life once again: sewing.

She signed up for some classes at the village haberdashery shop. Having grown up around her grandmothers’ sewing machines, she realised just how much she’d missed it.

Seeing her enthusiasm, her friend gave her an old sewing machine. She spent sleepless nights trying to get used to the machine, not stopping until she’d mastered it. She suspected that her failed attempts had only been stepping stones to the next stage, with each one bringing her closer to where she truly wanted to be.

The idea of making a living from sewing began to take shape in her mind and heart. It can be scary, but if you do nothing, if you don’t take that leap of faith, life can pass you by.

Morucha Cucamona is a brand that designs products to pay tribute to Mallorca’s textile tradition and craftsmanship. The products use quality fabrics and the island’s age-old techniques, and are made in local and family-run workshops.

Ultimately, the most important thing has been the rediscovery of a conviction that formed the basis of her whole childhood: that it’s essential to do what you want without ever betraying your beliefs.

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