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Noemí designs and creates garments by hand in her small work shop in Les Corts, one of the most pleasant neighbourhoods in Barcelona. You could say that every one of her pieces is unique and she doesn’t like reusing the same models or prints.

  • She learnt to sew from her grandmother
  • Every piece is special and unique
  • She finishes the garments well so they last longer
  • She makes the most of every last centimetre of fabric for bows and headscarves
  • The fabric is usually surplus stock from shops in the neighbourhood

Nuevemí’s beginnings can be traced back almost two generations in her family. Her great-grandmother had the extraordinary talent of being able to knit whilst reading, and it always turned out pretty well.

Later on, in the fifties, her paternal grandmother learnt tailoring and dressmaking on a correspondence course so she was able to open her own sewing workshop. At that point, she could not imagine that the workshop would become the best play room for Noemí and her sister.

At first, her grandmother gave her small tasks such as picking up needles from the floor with a magnet or marking patterns with loose stitches. Not long after, Noemí was already making dresses for dolls and for her younger sister, who let her do it. She “made” her first pair of tights using a bic ballpoint pen on her sister’s legs.

Nuevemí has grown at the same rate as Noemí’s house.

In the beginning, when she was sharing a flat with four other people, she only had a small corner under her bed to keep her sewing machine and a little material. At that point, she could only make small pieces such as collars and necklaces.

Now she has moved and already has a workshop all to herself where time flies as if she were still playing with her grandmother’s leftover materials. To make sure she doesn’t forget to eat or what time it is, she listens to Spain’s Radio 3.

For the last year, she’s had a helper with whom she discusses designs, fabrics and patterns, and who also likes to sleep on top of them for her siesta. Her cat, Mishi.

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