Nukak zero waste brand from Barcelona

Nukak is a zero waste brand that makes backpacks and accessories from old tyres and other materials collected from the rubbish in order to give them new uses. Everything is made in workshops in Barcelona and Catalonia.

  • They are eternal products, made to last and last
  • The designs are sustainable, elegant, timeless and functional
  • They don’t generate waste, but eliminate it
  • They use recycled and local raw materials
  • All the products are made in local workshops

Patricio finds it the most natural thing in the world to make everything with his hands. From his mother, a professional leather seamstress, he learnt to sew. From his father, handyman and DIY enthusiast, he learnt the satisfaction and power of being able to to do everything with his own hands.

He later studied industrial design and his passion continued to grow and take shape, until it led to him co-founding one of the most established brands that reuses materials in Spain.

His new project, Nukak, takes him back to his beginnings. He spends hours and hours in the workshop inventing new products or improving current ones. He designs, imagines and researches materials that other people stop paying attention to when they are no longer useful for their original purpose, such as tyres.

Patricio enjoys designing outlines, cutting, sewing, trying things out, and in short, doing everything that involves creating or improving a new product.

Creativity, innovation and making the most of fabrics are the pillars that define Nukak. He pays attention to everything: he’s always observing how people interact with his own or other products. A good product, as well as being aesthetically-pleasing, must be functional and durable.

One of his favourite activities is going out to find new materials. When you’re working with reused materials, there is no typical “supplier”, you need to go out and look, speak and ask questions, and always be attentive and ready to collaborate with new people. It’s an adventure and you never know how it’s going to end, and it’s a process almost as creative as creating a new backpack.

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