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Rita from Pithy is a graphic designer and artist from Bergamo who thinks up, designs and paints handmade wooden jewellery in her small studio in Barcelona.

  • She makes all of her creations with black poplar wood
  • She paints every detail by hand, millimetre by millimetre
  • The design encompasses the whole product and this makes it unique
  • Zero Waste Design: She uses every last piece of wood, no matter how small
  • All the materials come from small companies in Milan

Rita has always been passionate about DIY and decoration. When she was little, she spent the day cutting up magazines and with every piece she got her hands on, she liked to see how these small cuttings could take on a life of their own in the form of new objects.

She studied fine arts and worked for a while as a graphic designer. The day she discovered laser cutters, she knew that she’d be using wood forever, or at least for a long while. The world once again began to unravel into millions of possibilities for new objects and combinations. From the very first moment, the precision of the laser amazed her with its ability to recreate everything she imagined. Afterwards, all she had to do was pick up her paintbrushes and fill the shapes with colours. That’s how Pithy was born.

She likes to paint in the mornings, hence the happiness of her colours and designs. The light filtering in through the window of her studio at that time of day is beautiful. Later on, in the afternoon, she transfers her ideas from paper to the computer, where she recreates them to the millimetre and checks if it will be possible to make them a reality. Next, she sends them to a studio in Milan, where they cut and print the design onto the wood with the laser.

The other metallic accessories also have their own backstory. Rita is a perfectionist, and after many trips, tests and questions, she has finally found a studio in Madrid to make them and ensure they are resistant, pretty and do not contain nickel. She also found another one in the same city that coats them with gold.

In the future, she would like to find suppliers in Barcelona, since she enjoys checking and monitoring each stage of the process. This will happen little by little. Besides, she needs to go to Italy often to see her family and nephew, so she makes the most of the trip.

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