R mas R

R más r transforms industrial acrylic scraps into beautiful jewellery, full of colour and personality.

  • It doesn’t create waste, but eliminates it by converting it into jewellery
  • All the raw materials come from local suppliers
  • Every piece is made one by one, by hand
  • The designs aim to be out of the ordinary, and they are
  • They make the most of every last bit of material

Behind r más r is an architect, María, and this is reflected in every detail of her jewellery, which is unusual yet ideal for everyday wear with its perfect balance of functionality, innovation and style.

On the day she day she first used a laser cutter at university, she fell in love with all of its possibilities, and not just to make models for her architecture projects. First, she started creating jewellery for her friends, but several years later when she decided to move from Madrid to Malaga, she made her hobby into a career.

Soon, she discovered that companies working with acrylic on a vast scale to make large lights and billboards could not use the small pieces that were left over. These discarded scraps are her main raw material, and in her workshop in Malaga she makes them into beautiful jewellery while making the most of every last piece.

From the acrylic to the silver and recycled cardboard from packaging, all the materials she uses come from local factories in order to promote the local economy and reduce emissions.

The simple shapes based on nature and geometry are her main sources of inspiration, although she believes the perfect piece of jewellery is one that adapts to the personality and body of each person, to become the one you would wear every day.

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