Cris B

sustainable bags

Cris B designs and creates sustainable bags and backpacks with unique prints in local workshops, all designed by her.

  • Eco-friendly, GOTS-certified fabrics
  • Local and social production
  • Unique prints
  • Eco-friendly, artisanal silk-screen printing
  • Limited edition sustainable bags

Cristina didn’t play with dolls, she played by making dresses for dolls. She doesn’t remember but her father told her that one day, she used his wedding tie to make one of her creations.

What she does remember is that she was always drawing and painting with watercolours and customising her clothes. When she was a teenager, she also began to create her own costume jewellery, dreaming that maybe one day she would be able to make a living out of it.

She studied at Art School, where she specialised in graphic design, a profession that she pursued for years and which she’s never wanted to completely leave behind.

In the meantime, she continued to make things. She made her first bag from the legs of a pair of trousers that she had cut to make shorter. People loved it.

Soon after, as if by destiny, she got an email with information about a city council programme for entrepreneurs from the world of craftsmanship. She signed up.

She began to make bags through upcycling, reusing fabrics that were left at warehouses. In the first launch markets, she saw that people liked her bags. She decided to pursue it professionally and to get training in fashion and sustainability.

As a nature lover, she was always very conscious of the importance of looking after nature and protecting it, so from the very beginning she knew that her bags had to be eco-friendly.

Currently, she personalises organic fabrics with her own prints, carried out with eco-friendly and artisanal silk-screen printing in a workshop in her city.

For Cris B, sustainability is not a trend, it’s the only way of doing things.

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