Coba Complements

coba complements zero waste sustainable bags

Coba Complements’ bags are all different, handmade using discarded textiles and leathers that factories aren’t using.

  • Zero Waste Brand: They don’t generate waste, but eliminate it
  • Local raw materials
  • Made in Spain. The fabrication is artisanal and carried out in Alcoy
  • Every bag is unique. The combinations are never repeated
  • They are functional, high-quality sustainable bags

Coba Complements is a sustainable fashion brand created in Alcoy, the home city of its creator and one of the most important textile hotspots in Spain.

From the moment she realised just how much fabric and leather was discarded by factories, Andrea committed herself to doing something to make the most of it all. But let’s start at the beginning.

She wanted to be a comic cartoonist but was persuaded to do something more “serious”, so studied industrial design. Her final project was a reusable, thermal bag for shopping that was made using cartons. It was at that point she realised that she wanted to make bags.

After many travels here and there, she ended up in Japan for a study visit. She fell in love. From the very first moment, she was fascinated by Japan’s culture of minimalist, original and good-quality design. What’s more, she was lucky enough to study with one of Louis Vuitton’s craftsmen. She learnt everything she knows about bags there.

Back in Alcoy, she decided to put everything she had learned into practice, using leftover fabrics that nearby factories weren’t using as her raw material. First, she cuts the textile and fur patterns and then creates different combinations, selecting the thread colour that goes best with each creation to finish her bag design.

She never makes two identical bags, firstly because the materials are very small, and secondly because it’s more fun that way. She makes the most of everything up to the last scrap, even making jewellery from the smallest pieces.

In the future, she pictures herself redeveloping one of the region’s abandoned factories, with women sewing bags either at the factory or at home in a flexible way so they are happier with their work. And we’re sure she’ll make it happen.

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