minipinic local design brand

Minipicnic is handmade brand of accessories and decorations, inspired by nature and created in an artisan way in Terrassa (Barcelona) with the kilometre zero philosophy.

  • Slow, artisanal productiol
  • Natural materials and designs
  • Unique prints done by hand
  • Kilometre zero philosophy. Made in Spain with love
  • 100% exploitation-free

Two factors had an important influence in leading to the creation of the slow design and local made brand Minipicnic, and both run in the family of its creator.

The first is the link with textiles. Terrassa is one of the capitals of Catalan textiles, which means that many of its inhabitants work or used to work in the sector, including many members of Marta’s family. Marta’s father was in charge of a warehouse, her mother used to sew for various workshops, her grandmothers were weavers, her grandfathers worked in ink factories and her great-grandfathers in textile factories.

The second factor is that in Marta’s house, everything has always been done by hand. If something needs to be repaired or built, they try to do it by themselves before asking for help. That’s why she’s not afraid of manual work, or of anything she has to do for the first time. She learns and she does it.

One day, a friend taught her how to make handmade bags. Upon seeing that she liked it and was good at it, her father began to fill the house with pretty cuttings that he brought from the warehouse. That way, by learning and evolving, she had the idea of doing it professionally.

As she needed a good corporate image, she began to study graphic design. At the time, she didn’t suspect that these studies would change her products forever.

The first change, aside from the name and logo, was the decision to create her own prints. Through self-study, she learnt to make stamps by hand, which allowed her to personalize her prints for each design.

Her brand is 100% consistent with her philosophy that prioritises respect for nature and well-made items. She only uses natural materials, normally cotton, acquired in local workshops, and she makes the most of every last centimetre (zero waste philosophy).

But this story has only just begun, as Minipicnic is constantly evolving. No doubt, she’ll soon surprise us with new adventures.

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